David Paul Bacharach


Commissions, 1985-present

Like most artists I generally desire to be in my studio creating what I want, when I want too. But the reality is somewhat different in that I need to sell my work to support my desire. Commissions are an integral part of my work. I try to take only those commission that inspire me, push my limits and allow me to move my work forward in the direction I want it to go. I prefer to use a commissions as a means to explore new materials, tools, techniques and ideas.

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floating carpet

When a couple in New York City, with a beautiful apartment, filled with amazing art approached me to create something for their home my first thought was, their home is like Aladdin's cave. They need is a flying carpet. The carpets texture and color are based on ancient Persian rugs.  Weaving copper on a loom in my studio, the woven metal cloth was colored a jeweled red, using a welding torch. It was then folded and fringed as if it were flying. 60"w x 53"h x 6"d , copper colored with heat