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6.5' x 3' x 9.5'
Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, Evanston, IL




The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation completed its new green building in 2008, the first gold/platinum LEED-certified synagogue in North America, according to US Green Building Council standards. This installation, which includes the Ark (Aron HaKodesh) and Eternal Light (Ner Talmid), was built with recovered and environmentally friendly materials. The wood is walnut and came from a wind-felled tree on a local farm. The substructure wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The steel was scrap recovered from a construction site and the copper was scrap from a metal slitting company. The vermillion (an exotic wood) for the Ark's handles was scrap from a pool queue maker in Baltimore, MD. The Eternal Light is solar powered. The Ark is lined with silk quilts panels by fiber artist Pamela Hill. The Ark is complemented with woven and plaited copper Torah reading tables.


Architectural rendering of the new JRC green building

Photos courtesy of Freddi Greenberg and Rabbi Brant Rosen

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David Paul Bacharach