Quilts, 1990-present

In the early 1990's I was commissioned to create several works for the American Embassy in Singapore. Each of the pieces was to reflect a distinctly American artform. After much thought I chose to use the American scrap quilt. The quilt, a memory of home was created by many from whatever worn bits and pieces they could gather together. The scrap quilt was often patterned in such a way that each unit was different from the one piece next to it. In creating my metal quilts, I used recycled, repurposed, donated and found materials as well as objects. I find the idea of telling visual stories with repurposed materials a deep well and so continually return to the idea of the quilt to further explore possibilities.


This quilt is made from the scrap of my own studio. Well worn work gloves layered with latex and woven retread tire, in black. Embroidery backing in blue. Copper slittings to short for larger projects and originally destine for the scrap man woven and colored with heat. 1" sand paper belts woven sandpaper colored with house paint. Scrap carpeting colored with house paint. Barbed truss plates found at a demo site. 108"w x 84"h x3"d